Thursday, December 10, 2009

Schoolhouse & Wild Flowers

Lower Fox Creek School is located on the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.

The one room school was built in 1882 and was used until 1930.

Woolly Verbana

Plains Sunflower

Indians mixed dried ground petals with cornmeal to use as yellow face powder during ceremonial dances.

Tall or Roadside Thistle.

Indian Blanket Flower is the state flower of Oklahoma.  We have them in Kansas also.
They are a member of the Sunflower family.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Neosho Riverwalk

This building was built in 1864 and used as a brewery.

In front of the building, a bur oak once grew which served as an unofficial post office for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail from 1825-1847.  The tree was believed to be 270 years old when it died in 1990.

Madonna of the Trail Statue was erected in 1928 by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

These statues were placed in 12 states along the routes of Old Trails.

Guardian of the Grove statue honoring the Kaw or Kansa Indians.

Neosho Riverwalk

Neosho River

Site of the Neosho River Crossing

The Riverwalk starts at the Madonna of the Trail Statue and follows the River to the Kaw Mission.

Last Chance Store

The Last Chance Store was erected in 1857.

Just our luck, last chance and they are closed.

The store was the last opportunity for the freighters bound for Santa Fe to purchase supplies.

Filled in well

I find old doors interesting.

I have a fear of looking in empty buildings.