Friday, January 8, 2010

Scenes Around Town

Picturesque Coca Cola Sign

Bikers traveling the Flint Hills Scenic Byway stop for Breakfast.

Farmers and Drovers Bank which was built in 1892.

Hays House sidewalk with columns.

I loved the look of this ivy.

Carnegie Library

The Library is on the National Register of Historic Places #87000963.

Andrew Carnegie donated money for over 2,500 libraries between 1883 and 1929.

I love the glass roof over the front door!

Council Grove is a Mayberry kind of town.

The barber also gives fiddle lessons.

The citizens of Council Grove can be trusted.

They are proud of their rural roots.

Wagon Wheel Monument.
The momument, of a wagon wheel stuck in a rut, symbolizes the hardships
endured  by those who traveled the Santa Fe Trail.

These colorful plastic chairs were hanging on the local hardware store wall.

Apparently the laundry mat bought two.

Bakery and BBQ in one restaurant. Chuck was in heaven.
(The store had just been "potted"-a local school organization leaves plants potted in a decorated toilet in the dead of night.  The recipient must pay to have the item removed.)

The Tin Man welcomes you to the grocery store.
(We  hope he is only slashing prices with that ax.)

A pony ride for a penny! Unfortunately, there was a weight limit.

We visited this roadside market.

I love big orange pumpkins.

Quick draw Chuck keeping Council Grove free of crime.

I was pretending to twirl a parasol but Chuck said it looked more like I was playing the bagpipes.

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