Monday, November 16, 2009

1861 Terwilliger Stone Home Museum

The Terwilliger House was built in 1861and was the last house in Council Grove
 that Santa Fe freighters passed as they traveled West.

Today the Terrwillger House houses the Trail Days Bakery Cafe and a small museum.

Steps leading down to the brick pathway.

A Mayberry sort of view from the front porch.

According to a bochure on the building, the house was built by Abraham & Mary Rawlinson. The Rawlinson's would have observed long freight trains pulled by oxen heading West towards Santa Fe.

The historic home features a slat roof and stained glass. The house is the second oldest home remaining alonside the once thriving Santa Fe Trail, a frontier highway.

After an absoutely delicious meal, we were all smiles.

The restaurant offers a historic and pleasing atmosphere.We highly recommend it!

A period photograph of the Terwillinger Home.

A restored room now converted into a cozy dining hall. At one time, the home was converted into a gasoline station and eventually feel into disrepair before being rescued and preserved.

The Cafe is also a bakery.

An Indian pictograph possibly of Kanza/Osage origin, was discovered during restoration. It is believed to be a warrior's memorial.

The first floor has also been converted into a dining area.  I believe it was originally the kitchen of the home and had a dirt floor.

An upstairs bedroom is decorated in period pieces.

For 50 years, the Terwilliger Home was converted into a gasoling station.  Tourists would camp in tents on the property surrounded by large Maple trees.  The area became know as "Maple Camp".

This building orginally housed WW II personnel. The grounds surrounding the Terwilliger Home also include a 1902 one room schoolhouse, a 1858 log house and tourist cabins from the 1930's, forerunners of today's motels.

A sideview of the home.

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