Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seth Hays Home

Seth Hays built this house in 1867.  The house is the third house he built and is unique because it is made of brick. Most houses in Council Grove were built of native limestone or wood during this time period.

Mr. Hays was the great-grandson of Daniel Boone and a cousin of Kit Carson. Apparently, Mr. Hays was a southern sympathizer. He owned at least one slave, "Aunt Sallie".  He never married but did adopt one daughter the year the house was built. He died when his adopted daughter was just eleven years old and she was raised by family friends.

Side of home with cellar door leading to basement. I thought it was unique because of the window.

I like doors.

We didn't get to tour the inside of the house. While I took pictures, Chuck entertained himself...

...by checking out a construction project next door.

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